Joining FCLR

For FCLR membership, a convention must have at least 100 attendees and contract with a venue. This requirement helps us remain focused on similar goals, as opposed to the divergent interests of large furmeets. Because we know that mentoring those just starting out is important. the attendee requirement is usually waived for new conventions. If you are interested in having your event join FCLR, contact Duncan. Even if your organization does not meet the definition for membership above you may request an exemption.

Once your group applies to and is accepted into FCLR, the convention chair or designated representative appointed by the board will gain access to the FCLR mailing list, mailing list discussion history, and Telegram group. The designated representative may also appoint two other members of their convention to participate in FCLR, for a total membership of up to 3 per convention. This rule is in place to ensure that all conventions have an equal weight in discussions. New members can be appointed at any time deemed necessary by the designated representative, but an existing member must be removed to maintain the three-members-per-convention maximum. The designated representative may change at any time, but who is chosen is completely up to the individual organization.  Please let Duncan know when changes are necessary, or if members should be added or removed.