FCLR Events

FCLR meetups are encouraged at conventions and events whenever possible! These are informal events that are organized by those attending and are a great way to put names to faces and meet fellow convention organizers.

The annual Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable Event moves around North America in an effort to encourage participation from as many events as possible:

2010Lincolnshire, Illinois
2011 Lincolnshire, Illinois
2012 Lincolnshire, Illinois
2013 Lincolnshire, Illinois
2014Las Vegas, Nevada
2016Rosemont, Illinois
2017Orlando, Florida
2018Reno, Nevada
2019Toronto, Ontario

For the in-person event, each convention may send up to 4 representatives.  These representatives need not be the three current members of FCLR.  We also try to have teleconferencing available. We understand that not everyone will be able to travel, and we try to help conventions participate and network as much as possible.These three-day events are structured as a large meeting where we cover many topics at length. Topics are solicited from FCLR members prior to the event, and include roundtable discussions, breakout sessions, and presentations on specific topics. The in-person FCLR event is not a furry convention by conventional standards, but it is a fantastic opportunity to share, interact, and network in real time. There is an emphasis on socializing, however, and you shouldn’t be afraid to suit up or make some new friends!